About Me

My name is Joe. I live in NE Indiana with my wife and son. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL I chose to brave the winters up here. I manage a retail store and don’t have a ton of time for hobbies, but I do enjoy kayak fishing, playing guitar and cooking.

My grandfather was a minister his entire life and my dad has been a church choir director and organist since he was 19 or so. That means I grew up in the church. I even got to attend a church that my grandfather had preached at in the 60’s and that’s where I went through my teen years in a youth group. Along the way, I lost interest in “religion” and kind of gave up on it.

I found my faith again and have struggled with it for years, but the last couple of years I have really come quite far on my walk with God. This past year has been exceptionally fruitful as far as my faith.

I play guitar on the worship team at my church a couple of times per month. Even though I’m a die hard metalhead, I know how to tone it down for Sunday mornings.