Silly puppies and dumb squirrels

Have you ever watched animals just be animals without them noticing you? Sometimes, we will stand by one of our windows and watch the squirrels be crazy lunatics. Running around, fighting with each other, leaping and bounding from one tree limb to another. I’ve also watched puppies and kittens not realize how sleepy they are […]

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J.C. is my B.F.F.

My favorite thing about Jesus is that He wants to be our friend. This is why it was important to get some of that religious haze out of the way. Religion would have us put Jesus on a pedestal so high that there would be no way for us to ever reach Him. He has […]

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Jesus is God

This is the first post of a series to describe some of Jesus’ attributes. It’s important to understand and know who Jesus is in order to develop a relationship with Him. Think of your closest friends. You know who they are and you understand their personalities, humor, quirks, etc. The same is true if you […]

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