HAve you Been Reading?

Success at anything depends on many things, but preparation is one of the biggest. People normally don’t just get lucky and become successful at something without some blood, sweat and tears. One way to prepare is to study up on the subject as much as you can while still being able to absorb what you’re […]

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Living water

Sitting in an Air B&B, looking out the window at the Gulf of Mexico I begin to ponder. Watching the waves crest and crash, the water foam, sea gulls struggling to fly against a strong wind has me thinking about how it all works together. I sat on the balcony this morning and watched a […]

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What are your Intentions?

What does it take to have faith that can move mountains? How can you become closer with someone that you can’t actually text and go hang out with? How do you hear from the Holy Spirit and know what God wants you to do? I’m no expert at this, but the more steps that I […]

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